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Founded in 1995, TDCA is a professional manufacturer for plastics & hardware accessories for the golf, outdoor, and sporting industry. With more than 20 years of design and development experience, we can provide custom designs, innovations, and ideas as per our client’s request. We have owned dozens of patents, for designs and technological innovations.

TDCA provides a full end to end service for customers: design, development, mold modifications, QC, injection molding, painting and spraying, assembly workshop, and other finished work supplies 

Brand: TDCA

Company: Dongguan T.D.C.A Plastics & Hardware Co. Ltd

Address: Chongmei Village, Chashan Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China

Sales information:

Countries: America, Europe, Japan, Korea

Annual Production:

4 Millions sets Golf accessories

6 Millions accessories for hand bags, luggage cases, outdoor sports


Injection Workshop: ordinary injection machines, bicolor injection machines, vertical injection machines

Tooling Workshop: CNC machines, EDM machines, milling machines, grinding machines, drilling machines

Hardware workshop: punch machines, linear material adjustment machines, linear material forming machines, riveting machines, and hole punch machines

Special information:

Qualified plastic materials: all the plastic materials used are purchased from world famous plastic manufacturers like Formosa Plastic and Zhongsu Plastic